3 Amazing Changes Meditation Has Made To My Life

I have been meditating daily for over a year now. Here are the 3 biggest changes I have noticed since I started to meditate over a year ago.

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Enjoying the beautiful garden in Stockholm, Sweden. (Pre-meditation me: insecure and unsure about, well, everything.)

I feel confident, beautiful and may I dare say sexy (!) in my own skin.

For years, I have been dealing with low self-esteem. This low self-esteem usually stems from my own insecurities, but it also comes from toxic people in my past. I have learned that the opinions of others does not matter. As corny as it sounds, “the most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself”. It has taken me years of self-love and now a year of meditation to realize that I am beautiful just the way I am.

I thinkย about the food I put in my body.

At least I am starting to. I am learning to tune into what my body is telling me and I am (sort of) starting to listen. I am lactose intolerant so I often turn to vegan alternatives instead of dairy. When I start to feel tired I know I need to increase my iron (I have perpetually low iron). Recently, I have been getting more colds, which may mean I need more Vitamin C (at least this is what my mother and sister think). I am certainly no expert, but I am learning and I am gradually starting to think about the food that I put into my body.


Delicious vegan crepe from the Hibiscus Cafe in Toronto.


Amazing Vegan COOKIE DOUGH Ice cream at the Vegan Fest in Guelph.

I am setting boundaries.

Well, I am starting to. I was told by countless people growing up – “Meghan you are too nice” and “you need to stand up for yourself”. Growing up people would take advantage of my kindness.ย But those days are long gone, I have a newfound respect for myself and I am now able to stand up for myself.

Have you tried meditating yet?ย Go on give it a go and ย let me know how it goes!