It’s been a while

It has been a while since I have written a post. I mentioned in a previous post, a few months back, that I had enrolled in a Teaching English as a Second Language course at a local college.

Well, now I am finished that course.

I underestimated just how much work the course would be. The course was challenging and fun. I learned a lot about myself over the last few months.

I started teaching English to adults, and I learned that I absolutely love teaching.

I started practicing yoga six days a week. Even if my practice is only about 5 minutes, and consists only of 5 sun salutations I consider that a success.

I started standing up for myself, and making difficult decisions on my own.

A lot has happened in the last few months of 2015. It certainly has been a very challenging and rewarding year.

I have grown in more ways than one, and I am excited to continue pursuing my dreams.