France – Day 42 – 46: Lyon & Orléans

My final days in France were spent enjoying Lyon and Orleans.

I had a wonderful time in these cities, although they were a little more lonely. I stayed in a hotel in both Lyon and Orléans so meeting people was definitely more of a challenge. I am shy, and to be honest I was really looking forward to be heading home in a few days, so at times I was not in the mood to talk to many people (especially in French).


Lyon was a wonderful city, rich of history and amazing food.

Each meal I had in Lyon was absolutely incredible, and the streets were all extremely charming. I went to the Musée Gadagne where they had a really interesting rose exhibit detailing the history of roses in France. I am kind of a nerd and love going to museums to learn about the rich history of each place I go to.

Lyon, France - food

Vegetarian Meal from Ramen Shop

Lyon, France - river

Gorgeous river view in Lyon

Lyon, France

Amazing grilled chèvre cheese sandwich in Lyon

Lyon, France

Statue in Lyon

Lyon, France

Charming side street in Old Town


My last stop – Orléans! This was an adorable, small little town located in the Loire Valley. Orléans is one of the oldest towns in France, and was the location where Joan of Arc liberated France on 8 May 1429. If you get the chance to visit definitely check out Cathédrale Sainte-Croix  and the Jeanne D’Arc statue. There are also several museums in Orléans detailing the history in the town. Unfortunately, I did not have time to visit the museums, as I was only in Orléans for one day.

Joan of Arc - Jeanne D'Arc, Orleans, France

Jeanne D’Arc Statue in Orléans, France

side street Orleans, France

Charming side street in Orléans

Cathédrale Sainte-Croix - Orléans, France

Cathédrale Sainte-Croix


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