France – Day 25: A Weekend in Bordeaux (Part Two) 

My second day in Bordeaux started by going for a walk by La Flèche Saint-Michel, and the Jardin Botaniques de France et des pays francophones.  

Bordeaux, France

La Fleche Saint-Michel


Jardin Botaniques


Our group then made out way to Le Marché des Capucins, where there was an abundance of fresh fruits, baked goods and more. While there we found a vendor that sold fresh empanadas (not French but delicious ha). I had the chèvre et miel one (which is goats cheese and honey), it was warmed up and it was divine! 

After the market, my friend and I made our way towards Grande Cloche, which was truly stunning.  


Grande Cloche


After Grande Cloche we went to Jardin Public, where we ate fruit and people watched for a little while. Around lunchtime we started to look for a place to eat, so we then made our way back towards Place des Quinconces. We ate lunch together and then decided to go our separate ways to finish off the day before we had to meet the entire group. 


Jardin Public


Jardin Public


On my own, I walked down rue St Catherine again and did a little window shopping. I took the tram from rue St Catherine to the waterfront. 
I decided to spend my last few hours in Bordeaux by sitting in a café, people watching and writing in my journal.   


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