France – Day 17, 18 & 19

I fell a few days behind. Oops! 
Day 17 

Today was rather uneventful, but a  very relaxing day. I walked into town to buy some bread. I Facetimed with my parents, made some travel plans for next weekend and did some French homework. 

Day 18

Today I went to a brocante in a local town. A brocante is like a large flea market. Each weekend a different town hosts the brocante. 

At the brocante I bought myself two new wallets. Finally, as I have had the same wallet for five years. That particular one coming from Florence, Italy. 


I also got some fraises et vanille glacée Italienne as a treat before I left. 

I finished the night with a night big bowl of pasta,  accompanied by a nice drink. Yum! 


Day 19

Today I went to a local market, bought some fresh strawberries and a veggie samosa. 


I finished the day by having another French lesson, planning, working and relaxing. Overall a very productive and relaxing day. 


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