France – Day 16

I had my first group French lesson today. It went well but I found myself somewhat down afterwards. 

After my lesson I went to have a rest in my room as it was quite cold and rainy outside. 

After dinner I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather. I sat down in the grass and meditated for a while. I am not sure how long I meditated for but it definitely helped me be present and calm. 

The biggest lesson that I am just starting to learn is to slow down. I have a tendency (as I am sure a lot of you do too) to focus on getting things finished as soon as possible, or learning something as fast as possible.

I am not sure why I feel the need to rush things. It’s okay to not know where I am going in this life, it’s okay to feel absolutely terrified by it sometimes, and it’s okay to cry. 

It’s in moments like these when I am extremely terrified that I need to sit down and meditate. Somehow meditating always helps to centre and calm me. 

There really is no rush, I am here to enjoy life so I need to sit down, breathe, and enjoy.


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