France – Day 15

Today I had my second French lesson. I am still learning the basics of course, but I do feel as though quite a bit of the French I have known before is starting to come back. 

While I am learning it I have come to realize that I cannot compare how I am doing to how someone else is doing. I need to focus on my progression and my learning in order to make the most of my lessons here. 

I think languages are so fascinating, one of the most fundamental ways of meeting, getting to know and connecting with people. The more I learn about different languages and cultures I want to learn more about them. 

I spent the remainder of the day doing my work for the internship. After, I did some yoga. And then it was my turn to cook dinner for the group – I made spaghetti (I know creative ha). Following dinner our group went down to the lake and had some delicious desserts at a local restaurant. Yummy! 


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