France – Day 14

Today I got up early to go into Angoulême for the day. I woke up before the sunrise, so it was very peaceful when I got up. 

I had a croissant, jus d’orange et chocolat chaud for breakfast. Yummy! I the rest of the day was spent running errands with a fellow volunteer at my internship. 


When I returned to Brossac I went to relax in my room and experienced my first bout of loneliness in France. I guess at the two week mark that is to be expected. 

I love traveling, but I feel as though I was using this trip as a means to escape my life at home. Not that my life back home is bad, it’s really wonderful, I just am at a stage in my life where things are no longer crystal clear. 

I have graduated and I have no response to the “so what do you do in Canada question?”. To which my response is usually “Honestly, I have no clue, I am so lost”. 

I always need to remind myself to slow down. I have a tendency to rush everything. I am in such a hurry to start a career, buy an apartment, and figure out my life in general. 

But really, why am I in a hurry? I am 22 years old, young, and sometimes it is exciting thinking about all of the possibilities in this life. Life is full of possibilities, opportunity, adventure. Why rush when you can sit back and enjoy the ride? 

Happiness is a journey not a destination” – Unknown 


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