France – Day 12 & 13

I forgot to post yesterday! Oops! So here is yesterday’s post and today’s post combined! 

Day 12

Today I had my first French lesson/assessment. I was quite nervous for it, but I think it went rather well. Growing up I had French classes from grade 1 until grade 9, but since then I haven’t had much opportunity to practice. 

I was pretty happy with the amount of French that was starting to come back after speaking with my instructor for a bit. I am definitely looking forward to having more lessons and learning the French language. 

After my assessment I joined the rest of the group at the marché in Chalais. Every Monday the people in the village of Chalais host a large market with various vendors. They had a lot of local foods, clothing, and more. I forgot to take a picture of it as I only had a few minutes to look around. 

The rest of the afternoon was very relaxing and then I learned what I will be doing during my internship. I will mostly be dealing with any applications, and general inquires that come from people interested in volunteering or interning. 

Day 13

 Today was my first full work day. I worked from 8:30am -4:30pm. I spent my time sorting through all the applications. 

After I finished my work I did a 45 yoga practice. Much needed and very enjoyable. 


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