France – Day 9 

Today is my last full day in Paris. 

I really love this city. It is stunning and charming. Of course it can be a little noisy and smelly at times but that is a part of its charm. 

I spent the day by Norte-Dame cathedral. When I came out of the station I stumbled upon a very small street market. There were some jewelry and clothing vendors, an olive and tapenade vendor, a juice bar, and some vendors offering baked goods. I bought myself a freshly baked pretzel, and a banana, strawberry and freshly squeezed orange juice smoothie. 

I sat by the canal, read my book, wrote in my journal, people watched. I realized I do this a lot. It’s actually probably one of my favourite things to do. 

I then made my way to the Juice It again as I was craving another Açai bowl, I bought two. At this point I just did some wandering, and I stumbled onto another little street market which had some jewelry and clothing and food vendors. I bought my first silk scarf here in Paris. 

Before leaving the market I stumbled upon a beer festival called “The Place to Beer”. It is a 3 day festival educating, celebrating and offering beer. They had beer tasting competitions, quizzes, information sessions, a beer garden and more. If my French was better I am sure I would have enjoyed it more. 

I then went back to my hostel to relax, and pack up all of my things for tomorrow. I ended the evening off by reading my book overlooking the canal . The view is a little obstructed in the picture as I was sitting on the ground but a pretty great view nonetheless. 



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