France – Day 7 & 8 

I forgot to post yesterday as I got super busy. So here is day 7 & 8 together! 

Day 7

I went to the Catacombs today. 

I got up somewhat early had breakfast and made my way to the Catacombs. I highly suggest you buy your tickets before you get there, otherwise you will likely have to wait in line for about 2 hours. 

The entire journey through the Catacombs was about 45 minutes. It was a haunting experience being down in the catacombs. It is a site with hundreds of human, now skeletal remains buried below ground. 


 After the Catacombs I made my way to Jardin du Luxembourg. This was by far my favourite place in Paris. It was peaceful and stunning.

While in the garden I stumbled into an art gallery featuring women scientists across Europe and a quilt making program designed to empower women in India. I was happy to stumble upon this and learn about how women are being empowered across Europe and around the world. 

Later I walked up towards the Louvre and found a juicing café. I got to try my first açai bowl and I was very pleased! It was tasty! I also tried some homemade almond milk with bee pollen and medjool dates which was also great! 

I ended the night by socializing with friends I met in my hostel dorm. 

Day 8

Today I spent the day walking by the canal, and in the park. I had a two hour lunch, in which I had a delicious lentil curry and rice. Overall a great relaxing day, in which I did a lot of reflecting on life, love and work. 



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