France – Day 2 

I made no plans for this morning. And I think I prefer it that way. 

After sleeping in until about 10am, and having a shower, a new friend and I went out to explore around Norte Dame. 

While I had seen the church before it was still an amazing site to see. Beside the cathedral, there was a bread festival (La Fête du Pain), which was full of bread makers and delicious goodies. 

The smell was unbelievable. So yummy. While in the tent, I bought myself a delicious chocolate croissant (pain au chocolat, I think), so well done. The perfect combination of butter, pastry and chocolate. Unfortunately, I ate the croissant too quickly to get a picture. The chocolate was weaved throughout the dough, almost like a marble cake. 

After eating the croissant, we walked along the river towards Musseé D’Orsay. The line was long so I decided to go into the museum beside it, the name I do not know. It was filled with interesting and beautiful medals of honour. 

After visiting that museum, I walked through the Jardin de Tuileries, the garden beside the Louvre. 

Later, I stumbled upon a cute café where I had myself a nice cup of green tea (thé vert). 

I completed the day with a fantastic 3 cheese crepe (trois fromage crêpe) from a vendor close to my hostel. 


Ultimately, today was very successful and enjoyable. I found my way back to my hostel with no map, and with very little stress. My French is still very poor, but as I make my way around Paris hopefully it will start to improve. 


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