Accepting my worth

In a previous post I mentioned the incredible impacts that meditation can have on your presence. Meditation has not only had a positive impact on my ability to stay present, it has had an impact on my self-worth and confidence.

I try to sit down, close my eyes and focus on my breath for at least five minutes a day. Sometimes it doesn’t happen, and sometimes it does. Something I do notice though, when I do meditate is I feel much more calm and capable. Especially during times of stress.

I participated in the 30 day Meditation Challenge on and it was amazing. Faith Hunter led all of the meditations and she was a wonderful instructor. Each meditation was different and all the sessions were very educational. It was interesting to learn about all the different types and approaches to meditation. Before the challenge, I always thought meditation was sitting down in lotus and just shutting your mind off. But during the challenge you realize it is much more than that. There were meditations focused on calming anxiety, creating energy, boosting your self-confidence.

During one session I got very emotional when the focus was on finding a mantra that worked for you – mine was “I am worthy”. This particular mantra brought me to tears. I was meditating after a stressful day at a new job, and I sat down to meditate. I realized while meditating that I had been putting unnecessary amounts of pressure on myself. My mantra “I am worthy” followed by “love, patience, kindness, adventure, happiness, etc” brought me to tears.

This was a truly transformative moment for me. It made me realize just how important self love and self respect are in our lives and that this journey to self love is a never ending one. 

“Happiness is a form of courage” – Holbrook Jackson


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